Heart of God Kenya

Mike and Pat Heiser

On November 30, 2002, we, the Heisers, landed in Nairobi, Kenya geared-up and ready to share the Gospel of God’s love. Our first assignment was to teach at Grace Bible College. As we taught at Grace Bible College, our hearts were filled with love for the Kenyan people. The kids running wild on the streets started tugging strongly on our heart even though the director of Grace Bible College cautioned the us to steer clear from these “filthy, plus sniffing thieves”. However, the compassion of Jesus overcame us and the we were soon opening our hearts and even our home to the wild street children of Meru, Kenya.

Without any effort on our part, all documentation for operating a rehabilitation center was offered to us. So we knew this was God’s plan. Quickly our home started filling up with homeless, destitute children. Matthew 9:29 – ”According to your faith, be it done unto you,” became our family’s foundational verse. As our faith grew, so did our family. One by one children came into our home searching for love. Children with histories of crime, abuse, sex, and drugs started calling us Papa and Mama. No matter where the children came from, with the power of God’s love and His word, their lives were being transformed into lives of healthy, confident children of God.

Another group of people that started tugging on our hearts were the single mamas that we saw struggling to feed their children. Many of these mamas gathered firewood in the nearby forest. These poor women work all day, 7 days a week to make barely enough to buy milk and unga (cornmeal). Once-in-a-while if they couldn’t sell their firewood, they would stop by our place to ask if we could give them food. We did and then we invited them to come for chai (tea) and Bible Study.

Finally, after much persuasion, 6 mothers left the forest one Sunday in March of 2005 and they showed up for chai. I, Pat Heiser, celebrated Jesus with them, thanking Him for His faithfulness. As we talked, we discovered that these mamas felt rejected by most of the local churches so they were grateful that they could meet at our house to learn about Jesus. Uniting together, they discovered God’s true identity was not one of anger but of unconditional love. Soon the group grew to over 75 people and Heart of God Fellowship Kenya was birthed. Today, there are 25 churches that stemmed from and that are in affiliation with Heart of God Fellowship Kenya.

To train our people further for the work of the ministry and to reach out to other people, we opened NEEMA Bible College in 2007. Teaching the whole counsel of God, NEEMA uses the curriculum of Charis Bible College which is based in Woodland Park, Colorado. NEEMA is reaching people throughout Kenya with the Gospel of Grace. As of November 2019, 1,276 graduates have earned diplomas of Biblical Studies. These graduates are taking the Gospel of Grace to the Nations!