God Spectrum Ministries

John and Arceli Abernathy

When they first started out in ministry, they were supposed to go to Brazil. Both John and Arceli were in their 3rd year Ministry School at Charis Bible College, in Woodland Park, CO. This was in March 2017.

A Baptist pastor from Pakistan, Brother Azam from Sahiwal, connected with Arceli and they started talking. One of the first questions the Holy Spirit prompted her in her spirit was, “Is he baptized in the Holy Spirit?” So she gave him some scriptures to teach him about the baptism of the Holy Spirit. She also gave him Kenneth Hagin’s book on baptism in the Holy Spirit.

Three days later he called back, saying he was ready. She led him in prayer to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit and he immediately started praying in tongues according to Acts 1:8 and 2:4. 

This supernatural experience with the Holy Spirit made such an impact that his wife, family members, and church got baptized in the Holy Spirit shortly afterwards. And their church and influence started to grow.

John and Arceli continued to pray for them and teach them. Many of the people had nightmares because of the torment and oppression they were experiencing due to persecutions and mandatory state religion that is enforced in their country. As they accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit many were delivered. The church in Pakistan started doing bible studies, teaching the Word of God and doing discipleship. They went from one house church to three house churches!

During that time, another pastor from India connected with Arceli and they started talking. Brother Piridi was the son of a very established pastor, but she wasn’t aware of it. His father had been teaching in India for 25 years and had 300 pastors under him, all around the country. They called him Reverend Doctor. He had built up his ministry by doing bible studies with his leaders, growing house churches, and God kept multiplying their efforts.

She told him she was teaching pastors in Pakistan, and told him of what had happened there. The pastors from India had a strong desire and need to be taught, even before they started talking to Arceli, though she didn’t know it at the time.

His church had already been built up – he already had 30 pastors needing to be taught! She was shocked when he asked her what they should name their school. It became God Spectrum Ministries Bible School in Andhra Pradesh, India.

It was faith in the grace of God.  John and Arceli had said “Yes” to Pakistan, so God connected the need in another area with them.

The moment when God Spectrum Ministries became a ministry was when the bible school in India was opened.  Thirty pastors coming in from many different villages some up to 10 – 30 miles away! The ministry helped get them baptized, created connection for them, and established a relationship  for the persecuted church in that area of the world.

From here, God has grown and multiplied more and more opportunities for God Spectrum Ministries to create impact around the world. Through house churches, leadership studies, bible schools, and mobile Christian schools for children. Almost three years later, the ministry has planted or supported:

  • 6 house churches
  • 8 weekly leadership bible studies
  • 4 bible schools (1 in Pakistan, 2 in India, and 1 in Uganda)
  • 3 christian schools for children & youth


The churches also do:
  • women’s ministry to reach oppressed women in dangerous parts of the world
  • music ministry for the youth, teaching musical instruments and music to the children
  • distribute school supplies to villages and communities
  • stock up foodbanks to hand out food to the widows and the needy


A pastor in Kenya, Brother David, who grew up as an orphan, had also been running an orphanage with his wife, Sister Caroline. They have become part of God Spectrum Ministries in Kenya through starting a house church.


All because John and Arceli simply said “Yes” to God, even though they thought they were supposed to be doing something else. And that’s how God Spectrum Ministries got started.