Prophetic Encounter Sessions


What are “Prophetic Encounter Sessions?”

As we all know, we can lead such busy lives that sometimes we leave out the most important area, spending intimate time with the Lord! This is our greatest and most precious thing in life, to know Him more and what does He want to say to us and others around us?!

Prophetic Encounter Sessions are an open time of training and equipping believers to operate and be activated in the gifts of the Holy Spirit from a Biblical and practical perspective. Plus a time of intimate quiet prophetic worship that is led with a desire to open up our hearts and minds to the Kingdom of God, that reveals a deeper personal relationship of His love for us and our love for Him.

Jesus set aside a great deal of His time to pray, to allow His Father to speak to Him, to guide Him and to affirm Him as His Son and to know His authority, destiny and calling.

This is how we should live and have our own intimate relationship with the Trinity and the Prophetic Encounter Rooms allows us that time and space to be able to set our thoughts and gaze upon Him with no preconceived agendas and sit in the tangible atmosphere of God. Transformation takes place from the inside out and then we can learn to help transform the lives of others around us.

So please come along, bring your Bibles, have hearts wide open, then just sit and rest in His presence in the intimate surroundings.