Weekly Bible Studies





When: Check Calendar for exact Dates -Every Tuesday Bible Study 5:30pm to 8pm

Where: 331Paradise Circle Woodland Park 

Leaders: Mark & Mary Cox 479-414-7879 


When: Check Calendar for exact dates. Every Tuesday Bible Study: 5:30pm to 6:30pm “SPIRIT, SOUL AND BODY”

Where:2644 E. Yampa St. Apt. 26 80909

Leaders: Veronica Martin-Smith and Georgette Nelson 201-640-6057



When: Wednesday –  2:30pm to 4pm     “GOD WANTS YOU WELL”     Jan 24

Where: 2535 Roundtop Dr. CS 80918 

Leaders: Jerry or Reena for information jereenasa@hotmail.com   719-302-5743

or Pat Coscia 719-528-1091


When: Wednesday –  1pm to 3pm   Women’s Bible Study  “MOTIVATIONAL GIFTS”  January 24

Where:  5715 Vantage Vista Dr.  CS  80919

Leader:   Penny Funkhouser   pennyfunkhouser@netzero.com


When: Check Calendar for Exact Dates.Every Wednesday —  Charis Bible Study, “THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT”  5pm to 8:30pm

Where:412 Darlington Way  Co Springs 

Leaders: Linus & Etonde Akamamgwa  574-904-6082


When: Thursdays 7:00pm – 9:00pm  – Adrenaline Youth Group

Where: Heartbeat Church in Suite 117

Youth Group- Ages 12-17 years, Games, Food, Fellowship, Worship and Teaching

Leader Dustin Tiner 239-728-7288 For Information


When:  Every Friday – Charis Bible Study, “SPIRIT,  SOUL AND BODY””  5pm to 7pm

Where:  6725 Palace Dr.  Co C 

Leaders: John and Arceli Abernathy  719-776-9982