Church-10-11-12 008

Nursery 0 to 4 Years

Starts 10:35am to 12:00

If you would like for your children to stay with you during the main worship in the sanctuary, we welcome this fully. Worship finishes around 10:30am where you can then register your child or children in the nursery area.

In the beautifully decorated Nursery Room, under guided supervision your children can listen to worship songs from CD’s or even from the live worship at HMI.

We love for your children to be involved in as many activities as possible during this time and so at first they can have open play with the toys and books for about 30 minutes. We then follow on from this with a Bible story from our “Children’s Bible” and after, we all get involved with a learning activity. These learning activities can include anything from memory games, to tracing words, coloring pages taken from our Children’s Bible stories to a wide variety of arts and crafts.  We just get so excited to see such beauty and creativity in these amazing young children, which as we know is God’s heart and love for them!

We do also like for them to have some quiet time and so we (with your signed consent) provide them with a snack. These can include crackers, and a drink of water. You can also provide them with their own snacks if you would like to do so, or if they have any special dietary requirements. This snack time just gives them a little break to sit and rest and to look at what they have made or colored during the morning.

Finally we finish off with some more supervised play until you come and collect them after signing them out.

We hope you will come and see us, as we know your children will love their time with us!


Penny Funkhouser

HMI Nursery Lead