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KOINONIA FELLOWSHIP LUNCH AFTER CHURCH: FIRST SUNDAY OF EACH MONTH   We share food and fellowship after church in the Kitchen.  Bring a Dish and a side for families,  And for singles bring one dish or one side etc.   We supply plates, plastic ware, and napkins and pop.

MEET AND GREET SUNDAY –  3RD SUNDAY OF EACH MONTH  A time for us to get better acquainted.


 CHARIS BIBLE STUDY –   Every Tuesday – Veronia Martin-Smith   “The Believers Authority” 5:30pm to 6:30pm 2644 E. Yampa St. Apt 26 80909  For information call 719-645-8122


WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY:   Penny Funkhouser – 1pm to 3pm  5715 Vantage Vista Dr.   719-570-6193    THE POWER OF THE SPOKEN WORD  




CHARIS BIBLE STUDY – Last Friday, June 15  5pm  to 7pm John and Arceli Abernathy  6725 Palace Dr.  CoS 719-776-9982 “How to Become A Water Walker”  Will resume on July 27

SATURDAYS – ONCE A MONTH     Check Calendar for any changes

MEN’S BREAKFAST: Canceled in June

2nd Saturday of the month 9:00 am, suite 117, unless it is an outing.     

 WOMEN’S BRUNCH-      3rd Saturday of the month 9:00 am.  Cheryl Bullock will be sharing with us this Saturday.   Contact  Penny at

 Testimony, Fellowship and prayer for needs.   



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